Best Twitter Bootstrap Themes for WordPress

Twitter bootstrap is a sleek, intuitive, and powerful front-end framework for faster and easier web development. Twitter bootstrap comprises of HTML, CSS, and Javascript all rolled into one. This framework is widely used by developers due to the fact that it’s responsive and built on HTML5 and LESS. A lot of developers have labeled this open source toolkit framework as a dream come true, not to mention the fact that you can find a lot of twitter bootstrap themes for free, available for everyone to use.

Because of its popularity, a lot of different free versions of the Twitter Bootstrap themes for WordPress are available almost everywhere. A simple search on Google will help you find tons and tons of Twitter Bootstrap themes for WordPress. Here’s a list of seven free Twitter Bootstrap themes for WordPress so you can get in on the action and get the theme for your site or blog.


The BootstrapWP theme is another Bootstrap base theme for WordPress which was created by Rachel Baker, an independent web developer and occasional speaker at Chicago, IL. BootstrapWP is regarded as one of the most complete Twitter Bootstrap themes, and can be used as a base for creating custom themes easily. The styles and customizations currently in the BootstrapWP can be overridden to suit your own preferences. You can download the BootstrapWP theme here.

3.      Bootstrap for WordPress

This is yet another Bootstrap for WordPress theme, and is a clean and fresh mix of black and white with blue links. The theme is also fully customizable and its developer admits to more work being needed on the said theme. You can download this theme from Github here.

WordPress Bootstrap Theme

This particular WordPress bootstrap theme has a few more features compared with some of the more basic themes currently available. This theme, released by Brag Interactive, has widget areas for different parts of the site such as the homepage, footer, sidebar, and custom menus. You can download this theme here.

320press WordPress Bootstrap Theme

The 320press WordPress Bootstrap Theme is a theme framework which features a homepage template, a standard page which comes with a right sidebar, page with a left sidebar, as well as a page with full width. An options panel and shortcodes are also available for further customization. You can download the 320 WordPress Bootstrap Theme here.

Roots Theme

The Roots Theme is another Twitter Bootstrap theme which is based on HTML5 Boilerplate. This particular theme comes with plenty of features and also boasts of cleaner WordPress codes, clean URLs, and widget areas. The Roots Theme is also multilingual ready. You can view the demo and download the theme here.

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