WordPress ebay plugins

So you want to create a new eBay shop with WordPress and interested in WordPress eBay plugins. We cover WordPress plugins that integrates WordPress with eBay and in this post.

Some of the WordPress eBay plugins that arelisted here can even be used not just with your ebay seller  account but also with eBay’s affiliate program. This program is known as the eBay Partner Network. Through this, you can earn money when you refer new eBay members. For instance, you have an eBay store on your blog and someone bids on your merchandise or signs up through your referral links. You will get paid for that successful referral. Here are the best WordPress eBay plugins:

eBay eStore Affiliates

eBay eStore Affiliates Plugin

This plugin gets you started on your own eBay shop easily and quickly. It only takes several minutes to set up your WordPress site and import your merchandise from eBay. You don’t even have to be tech savvy or have knowledge in coding to do this.


phpBay Pro

phpBay Pro for WordPress   Ebay Plugin Software Script

Right now, this is the best one available among WordPress eBay plugins when it comes to adding eBay auction listings that are keyword rich to your posts or pages using the eBay Partner network program.

Free WordPress eBay Plugins


MoneyPress   eBay Edition WordPress Plugins

This plugin lets you showcase eBay products based on keywords that you provide so that you can display the listings that are relevant to your website easily. The entries come with photos, their prices, and other eBay links for more information.

Enter your eBay seller ID to display your products or sell eBay products to earn commissions using your eBay Partner ID or other authorized affiliate program IDs.

eBay Flash Seller

eBayflashseller WordPress ebay Plugin

With this plugin, you can show eBay auctions by a unique seller in WordPress pages. The auctions are shown in flash carousel effect.


Auction Nudge

Auction Nudge ebay plugin for WordPressThis free widget lets eBay members show their active information like their profile badge, listings, or feedback on their own blog or any website by inserting a code snippet. It comes with themes and options so you can set how your items will be shown.



eBay Feeds for WordPress

Ebay Feeds for WordPress

This WordPress eBay plugin makes placing feeds to your WordPress site from the eBay Partner Network quick and easy. You can choose to place them as widgets, insert them in your theme, embed them in your posts, and more.

People who want to generate income with their blogs should take advantage of this. You’ll be able to sell your eBay merchandise and promote this affiliate program of eBay easily through your blog.

WP eBay Daily Deals

WP eBay Daily Deals WordPress PluginsThis plugin lets you add the eBay Daily Deals listing right in your sidebar. You can also earn money if you are affiliated with the eBay Partner Network program with the traffic that you direct to eBay.



Watchcount.com WordPress Plugin

WatchCount.com WordPress Plugin

This is a free WordPress eBay plugin shows the Most Popular eBay products, the eBay Daily Deals, or a particular seller’s products in real time. You can choose to show them in your blog posts or in your sidebar through a WordPress widget.

WP-Lister for eBay

WP Lister for eBay WordPress Plugins

WP-Lister plugin allows you to integrate your WooCommerce, Jigoshop, WP e-Commerce, Shopp or MarketPress site with your eBay Store.