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Writers know just how beneficial and advantageous blogging is. Nowadays, almost every writer has his or her own blog. You’ll be hard pressed to name one writer who does not have a blog nowadays, along with other items every writer considers essential to their craft. However. the themes writers’ have for their blogs are not as good as it has to be. We compiled a list of WordPress themes for writers to help them.

Those are our  top ten choices for WordPress themes for writers. The ones I am showcasing here are a reflection of my personal taste. I like clean, simple, and white themes. I like my themes uncluttered and unobstructed so that the main focus is on the writing and content. If you similar tastes, I am certain you will find one here that you will use in your own blog. You can add a few frills here and there but think of these themes as blank sheets of paper you can build on.Here are the best-looking WordPress themes for writers: 


minimal wordpress theme for writers


Minimal is a seamless theme that gives focus on detail. The recent posts area has alternating shades; links are red-brown, grey colors links for social media, and attention grabbing taglines. If you think it’s too corporate looking for your taste, you can add an image header instead of the basic graphic. Add whatever image you choose, like a worn typewriter or an ancient book or something. It’s a steal at $35. I consider it still a bargain even if it doubled in price.

Smart Portfolio

Smart Portfolio wordpress author theme


This WordPress theme for writers is more than just a blog, it’s a complete Content Management System. Don’t believe me? Click on the demo and see for yourself. You can thank me later.

This theme is all about ‘creating sites that breathe’ and this theme is breathing so deeply you can hear it. Everything about it is attractive, the design, the icons, the footer, the contact form and tagline area, the line lengths, and the technical support.

You might find the demo somewhat corporate looking but you can certainly tweak the content and add images to make it your own. Change the “portfolio” to “books” and type to your heart’s content.


Typominima   A gorgeous typography based minimal WordPress theme


Speaking of typewriters, this WordPress theme for writers is all about typography. I was attracted to this theme because of the charming typewriter image but the header and swirly bits I can do without. They’re too big for me and it ends up with the content looking a bit scrunched up and fighting for space below it.


oulipo wordpress writer theme


Don’t be discouraged by the demo installation of this Oulipo theme in wordpress.org. It is way better and gives you a better feel of this theme. It has a very appealing design, with its left sidebar firmly in place so you can keep in view your page links.

Wp-notes theme


You get a very unobtrusive look for your blog because of this theme’s right-justified sidebar. This theme is very popular among computer engineers. It’s charming and quirky and very suited for charming and quirky writers. It’s also perfect if you like posting short content frequently. You can change the letter b that you see in the left corner on the top of the page with another image, like your cat’s face or a shot of your handwriting. I leave it to you.

Wu wei

Wu Wei best wordpress themes for writer portfolios


I like this theme Wu Wei because of its clean, straightforward, and very tasteful look. It even has little splashes of color here and there that catches your eye. If you’re big on titles, this theme is big on them, too. They’re hard to miss but instead of them being above, they’re on the left side of the post, in glaringly bold letters. The comment numbers are displayed in small and unobtrusive speech bubbles so that you don’t get sidetracked from the content of the post.

The only thing that I take issue with is the use of single quotation marks for the “blockquote”. I am a firm believer in using closing quotation marks when you start with opening quotation marks on your text. I have one word for this: Closure.


Manifest wordpress theme for writer portfolios


Do you know that I developed such a dislike for Times New Roman that I even joined a group on Facebook whose aim was to get Times New Roman eradicated from the face of the internet? In my defense, this all happened before I found out about the Manifest theme by Jim Barraud.

This clean and simple theme has a single column and is free of frills and accouterments. Just you and your writing. I now like it so much I use it as base of my three blogs. I can change my mind, right?

Note: I find that the wordpress.com version is much superior than the self-hosted one since Automattic has made improvements on it. It has a more attractive header and the ‘post formats’ are enabled. But I have a feeling that Jim will be updating the self-hosted version very soon.

The Erudite

The Erudite theme for writers


I personally like the name of this theme because it fits. One look at the page and the words elegant, classy, sophisticated come to mind. It’s widgetized, too. I’d like to say that it’s one of a kind since I have not encountered a theme that is both sophisticated and widgetized.

The latest post is given prominence and center stage while others are displayed with their excerpts below the latest one. I like the gray colors, too. It gives off a steady and serious impression, in my opinion. The layout and the color scheme go well if you are more content focused, with the occasional image but I don’t think this theme would suit those who intend to post numerous pictures.

We’ve now come to the end of my list of the best WordPress themes for writers. If you have your own, feel free to comment and add to the discussion.

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